Life in Vizsla Land

"Take one weary working woman, 2 crazy canines, one kennel-mate doggie daddy and add a multitude of ailments, capers and complications and you have Life in Vizsla Land. Where all the boys go from zero to 60 and back in a nano second. A LOT can happen in a nano second! "

Friday, August 27, 2010


You have your voluptuous curves, your learning curves and your BG curves.  Today we focused on the BG brand.  We're still having trouble regulating Rudi since they took his canine insulin "Vetsulin" off the market...3 years in!  He's on Humulin-N (which we now have to get at CVS, let's not go there) and it's been a real pain.  Today we took him to the vet 4 times to check his glucose in 3 hour intervals, commony known as a "curve".  He never broke 400.  Not good.  Upping his dose again.  And upping my blood pressure.  The poor guy was finally in a good place with his diabetes.  I'm mad as hell and when mommy's mad no one is safe. I hope someone from Cablevision pisses me off...I'm ready.

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