Life in Vizsla Land

"Take one weary working woman, 2 crazy canines, one kennel-mate doggie daddy and add a multitude of ailments, capers and complications and you have Life in Vizsla Land. Where all the boys go from zero to 60 and back in a nano second. A LOT can happen in a nano second! "

Monday, September 20, 2010

Serchin for Champy

Just back from our family vacation.  Week on the Lake at Champlain.  Weather was iffy until later in the week but we made the most of it.  Dogs don't care if it's raining, they want to swim and search for Champy!  Rudi gave us a good scare day 3.  At 4:45 a.m. Tuesday morning he went into a hypoglycemic seizure, lasted a few minutes.  Never been so scared in all my days.  Daddy was great and thank goodness we packed the Kyro syrup.  Mommy had to drive up to Plattsburg over an hour to a vet we'd never met later that day.  Thanks Dr. King, you were great!  We need to address the new insulin and whether it's working for our boy.  Meeting with our vets this week to plan an new approach to the moster that is Diabetes...the camp gods saved us this time around.  Thanks uncle Paul and aunt Kimber!

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