Life in Vizsla Land

"Take one weary working woman, 2 crazy canines, one kennel-mate doggie daddy and add a multitude of ailments, capers and complications and you have Life in Vizsla Land. Where all the boys go from zero to 60 and back in a nano second. A LOT can happen in a nano second! "

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did you know that dogs with unchecked diabetes can actually lose weight?  Most folks associate diabetes with obesity, however initial signs include excessive thirst, excessive urination and weight loss.  It' s important to check with your vet if these signs are obvious.  An obese dog diagnosed with diabetes should be put on a weight loss regimen that is slow and steady.  Keep an eye out and always keep the lines of communication open with your vet.  It's the best way to properly treat any medical issue.  BTW...keep another eye out for 2 great upcoming events.  Hounds on the Sound that benefits the New Rochelle Humane Society and Pet Rescue of Larchmont, and Bark In the Park that benefits PAWS in Norwalk, CT.  Two awesome events that support great local causes.  Check them out!

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