Life in Vizsla Land

"Take one weary working woman, 2 crazy canines, one kennel-mate doggie daddy and add a multitude of ailments, capers and complications and you have Life in Vizsla Land. Where all the boys go from zero to 60 and back in a nano second. A LOT can happen in a nano second! "

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old Dog ... New Trick

So #2 (Rusti) learned a new trick today. And they say you can't teach an old dog...have you MET my dogs! He's not much of a water dog, but he is the perpetual hunter. I had him convinced today that the leaf submerged at the bottom of the baby pool was a "frog" (he LOVES frogs) and I kept encouraging him to "get the frog...get the frog...get the frog" ...and then it happened. He not only jumped in the pool, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, HE SUBMERGED HIS ENTIRE HEAD UP TO HIS EYEBALLS UNDER WATER!!! He indeed was blowing bubbles the entire time and came up with the "frog". Which he promptly ate.

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